The top-up BSc (Hons) in Statistical Analysis and Data Science (formerly known as BSc (Hons) in Statistical Analysis) is launched in 2012 and it is designed for associate degree / higher diploma graduates who study in Sciences / Statistics / Business / Social Sciences area. Up to Aug 2017, there are totally 226 graduates from this program.

This program emphasizes on Quantitative data analysis and data management using statistical software SPSS, SAS, Minitab etc. The SAS software will also be provided to students to work at home.

This program has acquired several external recognitions including:

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society - Exemption of Graduate Diploma exams Module 1,3 & 4
  • Continuing Education Fund (CEF) - Financial Services sector, 4 courses
  • SAS Joint University certification - SAS programming and Data Mining
  • The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) – Level 5

Graduates are usually employed as data analyst or related positions in the areas of finance, banking, marketing research, education, logistics and government sector.


Dr. Carlin Chu 2768-6876 Dr. Douglas Ng 2768-6880 Dr. Anita Wong 2768-6810