Programme Aim

The programme aims to provide university-level training to enable students to develop an understanding on statistical data analysis; quantitative skills; and mathematical techniques for business and investment analysis, quantitative survey and research, financial management and analysis. Graduates of this programme will have the competence to take up jobs in bank, financial and business analysis, marketing research, statistical service agencies, government and education sectors. This program provides with a series of training in using quantitative software including SAS and SPSS.

Length of Study

Top-up BSc(Hons) degree in Statistical Analysis and Data Science completes in 2-years full-time. This Top-up programme also offers 9 months Early Exit option to graduates with an Ordinary Degree in Statistical Analysis and Data Science.

Students have the option of an early exit at Ordinary Degree in Statistical Analysis and Data Science on completion of courses at Year-3 worth 40 credits within about 9 months (two terms of study). In addition to the Ordinary Degree, students may choose to complete another 40 credits to obtain an Honours Degree within about 20 months (4 terms of study).

Programme Structure

Year 3 students must complete the requirements listed in the following table:

Core MATH S201F Finite Mathematics for Business
ENGL S250F   English Writing for Workplace Communication
STAT S310F Statistical Methods for Investment (CEF)
STAT S311F Time Series Analysis with Applications (CEF)
STAT S312F Design and Analysis of Experiments
STAT S314F Statistical Methods for Economics and Finance
STAT S413F Multivariate Statistical Analysis for Data science
Elective STAT S330F Quantitative Research Methods
COMP S202F Java Programming Fundamentals
STATS251F Statistical Analysis for Testing & Certification

Year 4 students must complete the requirements listed in the following table:

Core STAT S315F Applied Probability Models for Investment (CEF)
STAT S318F Statistical Methods for Data Mining
STAT S410F Quantitative Research Project
STAT S411F Statistical Computing Project
STAT S414F Database Management
STAT S415F Big Data Analytics
(2 out of 4)
STAT S316F Decision Analysis
STAT S319F Credit Risk Analysis
MATH S390F Quantitative Models for Financial Risk (CEF)
MATH S391F Mathematical Methods for Finance

*CEF means 'Continuing Education Fund' approved course.