OUHK Dean's List Award 院長名單
Presentation at the International Conference 發表研究報告 EcoSta2019
Alumni Experience Sharing 校友開心分享活動 2019
Professional Attachment Programme - The Census and Statistics Department (C&SD) 政府統計處 2019
Internship 2018 Summer Internship in a German business enterprise 外地實習體驗 2018
Korea Tour 2018 Korea Study tour 韓國四天科技考察之旅 2018
First Day 2018 2018開sem活動 - 切燒豬
70.6% passing rate in SAS Certification Exam 認證考試 2019


This top-up Bachelor of Science (with Honors) degree program is launched in 2012 and it is designed for associate degree / higher diploma graduates who study statistics, data science, information technology, and other programmes of which the curriculum includes training in statistics. Up to Aug 2018, there are over 250 graduates from this program.

Recognitions of the courses offered in the revised curriculum of BSc(Hon) in Data Science (BSCHDSF) 數據科學榮譽理學士 are currently under reviewed. The former program (BSCHSADF3) has acquired several external recognitions including:

  • Hong Kong Statistical Society - Exemption of Graduate Diploma exams Module 1,3 & 4
  • Continuing Education Fund (CEF) - Financial Services sector, 4 courses
  • SAS Joint University certification - SAS programming and Data Mining
  • The Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) – Level 5

Graduates are usually employed as data analyst or related positions in the areas of finance, banking, marketing research, education, logistics and government sector.